Cristina Rovelli has a degree in Natural Sciences and has been an Nature and walking Guide (AIGAE) for many years.   

She was the first woman to become a gamekeeper in Italy and has been doing this job in the Orobic Alps for about twenty years. Thanks to this experience, as a nature guide she is able to convey to the public her deepest emotions born on nature trails, with guided itineraries that allow you to discover the secrets of the natural kingdom that cannot be found in books. Only her long experience of working in the field has enabled her to read the natural environment as if it were the best book ever created, and every day becomes a true lesson in life: an unforgettable landscape, a roe deer in its infinite sweetness, a tree in its majesty, but also a simple blade of grass. 

Experiencing nature accompanied by Cristina Rovelli is a memorable experience that remains in the heart.  

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