D.O.G.E., an acronym for “Discover the original guided experiences”, was born from the desire to live the activity of tour guide by emphasising the concept of experience and originality.  

The beauty of our territory, its extraordinary richness of landscape and culture continue to surprise us day after day, and the D.O.G.E. tour guides want to share this emotion with visitors, convinced that they truly inhabit, from north to south, the Bel Paese and that it is part of their task to enhance and make its wonders known.  

D.O.G.E.’s tourist guides are committed every day to looking at the territory with new eyes, searching for new ideas to translate into new tourist experiences, always putting the guest at the centre, so that he or she can truly feel part of this wonder.  

Ambassadors at 360 degrees, accompanying each visitor to discover the aspect that fascinates them most: food and wine, landscape, cultural and folkloric heritage. 

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