Mattia Silveri is a Nature and walking Guide and founder of S-Flow.   

The name of his project comes from the union of S and Flow. The S stands for Silver, his nickname. And then the Flow, a flow of thoughts that led him to an important choice: to leave the certainty of a secure job but without passion, to welcome a new stimulating challenge.   

And the challenge was a leap into the void but with a parachute, that of passion and knowledge of his splendid territory, which he wants to share with others.   

Mattia Silveri owns 12 kayaks (8 singles and 4 doubles) and 8 SUPs (stand up paddle), and his summer base is at the Circolo Velico Tivano in Valmadrera, in the province of Lecco. In addition to accompanying groups, he also runs rental activities and combined experiences such as kayaking with yoga or pilates or yoga on the SUP. 

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