Are you planning a weekend getaway in Lecco but don’t know how to organize your stay? Here are our suggestions for those who want to spend a couple of days in the city:

Visit the Places of “The Betrothed” (2-4 hours): Alessandro Manzoni was inspired by the city of Lecco when writing his most famous work, “The Betrothed.” You can visit the important locations in the novel and immerse yourself in the story of Renzo and Lucia by following the Manzoni Itinerary. Don’t miss: Villa Manzoni, the Visconti Tower, and the charming village of Pescarenico.

Climb one of Europe’s Tallest Clock Towers! (about 1 hour): The Basilica of San Nicolò stands on the remains of the medieval walls of Lecco and it is the city’s main church. Its clock tower is one of the tallest in Europe, and you can get all the way to the top where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, the mountains and Lake Como.

A walk by the lake: Every season is perfect for a walk along the lakeside, enjoying the colours of nature. Be it sunrise or sunset, on an autumn morning or a breezy summer evening, this landscape is well worth a visit.

Discover Palazzo delle Paure (1-3 hours): Palazzo delle Paure, the Palace of Fear, is the home of Lecco’s museum, a must for art lovers. It houses the Graphic and Photography section, the Modern and Contemporary art section and a varied programme of temporary exhibitions. On the top floor, there is the “Osservatorio alpinistico lecchese”, the city’s Italian Alpine Club observatory, a perfect place to visit for mountain enthusiasts.

The 360° view from Piani d’Erna (about half a day): Piani d’Erna is a panoramic terrace with a stunning view of the city and the surrounding area. Drive or take a bus from the centre of Lecco to the cable car station. It is a four-minute ride to Piani d’Erna (over 1,300 meters above sea level), at the foot of Monte Resegone.

Lecco is the perfect destination for a visit of several days: come and discover the beauty of this city!

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