Discover the beauty of Valentino Park on a panoramic hike! 

The path starts near the skyscraper in Piani Resinelli and follows a dirt road on a route through a forest of beech and ash trees that is suitable for all. In just twenty minutes, it reaches the Villa Gerosa House Museum, where the focus is on the flora, fauna and geological history of Piani Resinelli and the Grigne group. The path continues to the Belvedere area where a splendid panoramic walkway awaits. It was built in 2021 and overlooks Lecco and Lake Como. 

On clear days, the Piani Resinelli vantage point offers spectacular views of Lecco, the lakes of Brianza, Milan and the Lombardy plain, all the way to the Apennines and the Western Alps.

This is an extraordinary panorama and an unforgettable experience, perfect for spending a day in the midst of nature. Discover the beauty of the Valentino Park landscape at Piani Resinelli: a wonderful break from the daily hustle and bustle in this peaceful natural environment.  


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Departure: Piazzale delle Miniere, Piani Resinelli

Arrival: panoramic walkway, Piani Resinelli

Altitude: 1360 m – Piani Resinelli 

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