Pescarenico is a small patch of land on the left bank of the Adda, or should we say the lake, close to the bridge: a little cluster of houses, mostly inhabited by fishermen, decorated here and there with trammels and nets hung out to dry. ”
A. Manzoni, I promessi sposi (The Betrothed)

Located on the left bank of the Adda, the Pescarenico district covers the area between the end of the Lecco arm of Lake Como and Lake Garlate. Before it was combined with the fortified village of Lecco in the eighteenth century, it had been one of twenty municipalities that made up the general community of Lecco. The village was the home of families who fished along the river in front of the town, where there were fish in an abundance. The ancient activity of fishing still characterises the identity of the district of Pescarenico and a traditional Como boat can still be seen today on the banks of the Adda, in which the village is reflected: the “lucia”. The local restaurants and wine bars continue to offer fish-based specialities, keeping alive the place’s gastronomic tradition.

Pescarenico is the only district of Lecco explicitly mentioned in The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni. The monastery of the Capuchin friars, located in the heart of the village, was the inspiration for the residence of Fra’ Cristoforo. The banks of the village bore witness to the sorrowful “Farewell to the Mountains” recited by Lucia in the novel: from there, aboard the typical Como boat to which she gave here name, she left home to escape the designs of Don Rodrigo.

Walking through Pescarenico’s narrow lanes and little houses, one next to the other, is, as in the past, an experience that recalls the literary fascination and authentic daily life of the district. Crossing the Ponte Azzone Visconti and walking along the banks of the Adda in front of Pescarenico, the village’s colourful houses can be admired with the majestic Resegone mountain in the background: an enchanting glimpse of this picturesque corner of Lecco

The origin of the name: the place name Pescarenico explicitly refers to the main activity undertaken by the district’s inhabitants, that is, fishing.
Quarters: Biun (Bione), Cucagna (Cuccagna), Cunvent (Convento), Era, Fussaa (Fossato), Isola, Piscen, Sant’Ambros (Sant’Ambrogio) and Stradun (Stradone).
Inhabitants’ nickname: “Ugett”, that is, little fish. 

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