The Regional Natural Monument of Sasso di Preguda lies at an altitude of 647 metres on Monte Moregallo in Valmadrera.

Sasso di Preguda is an erratic boulder originally from Val Masino that is now famous for its panoramic location. Made of a type of granite called “ghiandone”, it is approximately seven metres tall and its shape is reminiscent of a pyramid. Erratic boulders (from the Latin “errare”, to wander), also known as “witches’ boulders”, are large blocks of rock transported by glaciers.

The chapel of San Isidoro makes the site even more interesting. Built by farmers at the end of the 19th century using the boulder as one of the walls, the chapel is truly unique.  A plaque was placed on the boulder in 1978 in honour of Antonio Stoppani, the geologist who described this natural monument in a poem.

From this vantage point on Monte Moregallo, the stunning panorama of Lake Como, Resegone, Monte Barro and Lake Annone stretches all the way to the Po Valley.

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