Varenna is a charming village on the eastern shore of Lake Como. With its cobblestone streets, pastel-coloured houses and gardens in bloom, Varenna mesmerises visitors. The easiest way to get to Varenna is by train but the ferry offers an unmissable vantage point for viewing the breathtaking landscape.

The main tourist attraction in Varenna is Villa Monastero, a stunning historic residence surrounded by a botanical garden of rare beauty. It features elegant neoclassical architecture and lies in a privileged location overlooking the lake. Near Villa Monastero is Villa Cipressi, an enchanting late Renaissance villa with terraces that offer a perfect view of the landscape. Another beautiful place not to be missed in Varenna is the Castle of Vezio and its square tower, from the top of which a fantastic panorama can be enjoyed.

Nature lovers can also enjoy delightful walks along the lakeside and the very romantic Walk of Lovers. For art enthusiasts, Varenna offers two mediaeval churches: San Giorgio, an architectural gem with frescoes from the 14th century, and San Giovanni Battista.

Interesting fact: along with other locations on Lake Como, Varenna is renowned for the production of high-quality olive oil, which can be bought directly from local producers.

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