The village of Bellano lies halfway between Lecco and Colico. With its beautiful streets and breathtaking view of the lake and mountains, Bellano is a perfect destination for those looking for tranquillity and beauty.

In Bellano, the Orrido is a must-see for visitors. It is a narrow, deep gorge carved out by the River Pioverna, which can be visited by means of boardwalks suspended over the water that provide a unique view of the majesty of nature. Art lovers can visit the Church of Santi Nazaro and Celso and the Church of Santa Marta, an architectural gem with frescos and artworks of great value.

Bellano is known as the “village of artists”, the birthplace of the writers Tommaso Grossi, Sigismondo Boldoni, Antonio Balbiani and Luciano Lombardi as well as the master Italian painter Giancarlo Vitali. The latter’s son, Velasco Vitali, followed in his father’s footsteps in depicting the surrounding territory. Some of his artistic works portray the tragedy that befell Valtellina when it was destroyed by a landslide in the nineteen eighties.

Another native of Bellano is Andrea Vitali, a writer who sets his books in the Lecco area, drawing curious visitors to the “actual places” mentioned in his novels.

Interesting fact: the “Pesa Vegia” is a traditional local event staged during Epiphany that the people of Bellano have celebrated for more than four centuries. It attracts many visitors and is famous for the procession of the Magi, the race of the “Pese” (an ancient unit of measurement) and a bonfire on the pier.

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