The Pertus pass is located at around 1,193 meters above sea level and connects the Imagna Valley (Bergamo area) with the San Martino Valley (between Bergamo and Lecco).

Its name comes from the word “pertüs” in the local dialect, meaning a natural, narrow passage. The pass joins two valleys that used to be part of the territory of the Republic of Venice. It also came to be known as the “Passo degli Spagnoli”, or Spaniard’s Pass, after the Spanish army crossed it in 1528 to occupy Lecco.

Nearby is the charming Lake Pertus, on the border between Bergamo and Lecco. At 1,431 meters above sea level and dominated by Monte Tesoro, it is a very popular tourist destination in summer and winter, with breathtaking views of the Imagna Valley and the lakes of Brianza, Monviso and Monte Rosa. It is the starting point for many hiking routes for exploring Monte Tesoro or Resegone. There is a shelter on the site offering refreshments and a place to rest. 

To reach the San Martino Valley and the Torre de Busi in particular, take the Valcava pass.

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