Monte San Martino, Corno Medale, and Monte Coltignone are among Lecco’s most famous peaks and make up a mountain range that dominates the city.

With an elevation of 1,090 metres and a distinctive vertical rock wall, Monte San Martino offers a magnificent panorama of the surrounding landscape.

Like Resegone, Monte San Martino is mentioned in Alessandro Manzoni’s famous novel, The Betrothed: “The open country […] reclines upon the roots of two contiguous mountains, one named San Martino, the other, in the Lombard dialect, the Resegone”.

To the north of San Martino stands Monte Coltignone, behind which is Piani Resinelli. The steep slope forms a majestic rock wall that can be seen from Lecco. Monte Medale overlooks the district of Laorca. At Christmas Eve, Via Ferrata and Via Cassin on Medale are illuminated in an evocative display.

Finally, the impressive Monte Coltignone, 1,479 metres above sea level, stands out and can be recognised from afar. The steepness of the southern slope contrasts with the gentle lines and lush vegetation of the northern mountainside.

Coltignone is ringed to the north by the Piani dei Resinelli and Grignetta, to the south by Monte Regismondo, Corno Medale, and Monte San Martino, to the west by Pizzo Forcellino and Lake Como and to the east by Ballabio and Valsassina.

The mountains of Lecco are a true paradise for trekking, hiking and climbing enthusiasts as well as nature lovers; they offer stunning views of the city, the lake and the surrounding territory.

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