Monte Magnodeno, with an elevation of 1241 metres, is one of the wonders of the Orobie Alps, part of the subgroup of Resegone. This mountain is a magnet for hiking enthusiasts due to its easy access and wide routes.

At the summit is the mountain hut of the Associazione Nazionale Alpini (ANA), the National Alpine Association of Maggianico, a welcoming cabin run by volunteers.

The shortest and quickest route available to reach the top starts from Maggianico. The path snakes through thick woods before reaching an open meadow near the summit.

The route from Somasca offers full immersion in nature. This route runs through a charming forest to the top of Magnodeno, skirting the Castle of the Unnamed, mentioned in Alessandro Manzoni’s famous novel.

At the summit, there is a large metal cross, the ANA cabin and a helipad. It is also a perfect place to rest and enjoy the breathtaking panorama.

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