Grignetta, also known as Southern Grigna, is a majestic mountain that is part of the Grigne group, along with Grignone. With an elevation of 2,184 meters, this mountain has a rich geological history and offers a breathtaking panorama.

Grignetta has a southern slope, overlooking Piani Resinelli and Lecco, and a northern side, connected to Grignone. The two sides are separated by the Cresta Segantini to the west and the Cresta Sinigaglia to the east. The morphology of this mountain and the fossils found on it are evidence of its limestone geology and marine origin.

This internationally-renowned mountain attracts climbers throughout the year. It has been scaled by some of the greatest mountaineers in the world, such as Emilio Comici, Riccardo Cassin and Walter Bonatti. There are many hiking routes leading to the top from different directions, offering a unique experience for mountain lovers.

At the summit of Grignetta stands the Bivacco Ferrario, a small aluminum structure, the characteristic octagonal shape of which is reminiscent of a spaceship. From here, there is a stunning view ranging from the Northern Grigna to the Po Valley.

In the song “The Legend of the Grigna”, Grignetta represents the sentinel who, on the orders of a female warrior (represented by Grigna), killed the knight.

Interesting fact: along with Grignone, Grignetta was also studied by Leonardo da Vinci and is mentioned in his Codex Atlanticus.

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