Fishing was one of the most important livelihoods for the people of the Lecco area for centuries and is celebrated in place names such as Pescarenico and Pescate. Professional fishing is no longer as popular as it once was but it is still practised in Pescarenico, where special nets and boats are used. Fresh fish, cooked according to traditional recipes, is still served in Lecco restaurants and at other places around the lake. 

Sport fishing enthusiasts are assured a unique experience in the eastern arm of Lake Como and the Lecco area in general. There is a great variety of fish and a large number of different techniques are practised, such as Bolognese fishing, spinning, fixed rod and fly fishing. 

Fishing in Lake Como 

Like other large subalpine lakes, the shores of Lake Como present a great variety of rocky shores and pebble beaches. The lake bed is mainly made up of stones and gravel, with a little aquatic vegetation concentrated in a few spots. The fauna of the Lario is very rich and diverse: chub, bleak, pike, perch, pike, trout, eels, burbot, carp, tench, rudd, whitefish, and agonus. 

Fishermen must take account of the winds that can agitate the waters of Lake Como and dictate the outcome, such as the Breva and the Tivano. 

River fishing 

The rivers and streams that run through the city of Lecco also offer opportunities for fishing. Originating from mountain springs, these streams are characterised by cool, crystal-clear waters that create amazing natural pools and waterfalls. A variety of fish can be found here, such as brown trout, barbel and marble trout. 

As well as the local streams, the River Adda offers enthusiasts a thrilling fishing experience. 


For further information on fishing the area’s lake and rivers, please consult the Regione Lombardia website. For the Lecco area, look for information on the waters of basin No. 5.

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