Rifugio Carlo Porta is a fifteen-minute walk from Piani Resinelli. From there, continue along the forest path for about 10 minutes until reaching a crossroads and take path No. 7 along the Cresta Cermenati. The route becomes steeper and the trees are fewer here. 

On reaching another crossroads, take the path to the right to Torrioni Magnaghi and Sigaro Dones then continue uphill. The trail becomes flatter, allowing some energy to be recovered before embarking on the final part of the hike. Just below the summit, the path joins the Sentiero Cecilia (EE). The end of this route is the most challenging part and leads to the summit of Grignetta, where there is also a section equipped with chains. At an altitude of 2,184 metres, there is a stunning panorama that makes all the effort worthwhile.

On arrival, you will also find the famous Bivacco Ferrario, a peculiar structure in the shape of an igloo, a useful spot to rest for hikers. 

A unique adventure on the beautiful ridges of Grignetta, suitable for those who seek a challenge and want to enjoy an unforgettable panorama. 


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Departure: Rifugio Carlo Porta, Piani Resinelli

Arrival: Bivacco Ferrario, summit of the Grignetta

Altitude: 2184 m 

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