The shortest path to reach Rifugio Rosalba starts from Piani Resinelli, at the end of Via del Ram along path number 9. This route is perfect for those hiking on Grignetta for the first time. The path begins with a pleasant walk through the woods with a stunning view of Grignetta.

At the crossroad, leave Sentiero dei Morti on the right and continue along Sentiero delle Foppe, which becomes steeper and more difficult. The trail continues through the majestic peaks of Grigna Meridionale before reaching Rifugio Rosalba, where there is a spectacular panorama of Lake Como and the Alps, with views of Gran Paradiso, Monviso, and Monte Rosa.

After arriving at the mountain hut, experienced hikers can continue along Sentiero Cecilia (EE) to reach the top of Grignetta. There are two possible routes, either through Colle Valsecchi or by following La Direttissima (EE) to Rifugio Porta.


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Departure: Via delle Foppe, Piani Resinelli.

Arrival: Rifugio Rosalba

Altitude: 1730 m

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