Belledo lies between the slopes of Monte Magnodeno and the Bione river. The entrance to the Valsassina highway marks the border of the district. 

The little centre of Belledo rose up a little way from the Bione river, protected at the rear by the Cornello, one of the outermost offshoots of Monte Resegone. Ancient Belledo was a group of rural and agricultural sites supported by a small mountain economy and cattle rearing. In the twentieth century, the little district went through a period of development: the fascinating centre of Belledo is actually a group of industrial houses in Via Risorgimento, around thirty apartments built in the nineteen forties specifically for the industry’s employees. This is evidence of the great far-sightedness of Italian industrialists in ensuring comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing accommodation for their employees. The narrow alleys of ancient Belledo hide unexpected surprises. 

The origin of the name: According to some scholars, the place name “Belledo” may have come from the Latin word betulledus, that is, “birch wood”; others claim it may refer to an old term for fences for flocks.
Inhabitants’ nickname: “Cascia sass”, that is, “stone throwers”, a reference to the stone quarries that were once found in the district’s territory. 

Not to be missed: a walk in old Belledo. Along the “contrada larga”, that is, the main street of the historic centre, the site of the old wash house, completely restored, can be visited. 

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