If you are planning a relaxing family day out in the midst of nature on a fine spring or summer day, this is the right place! The Lecco area is the ideal destination for family trips: in addition to the beauty of the landscapes, Lecco and its territory offer many activities for young and old alike! 

Here are five experiences that will make your visit to Lecco special! 

A day at Piani d’Erna: mountains, tranquility and fun
Piani d’Erna is a perfect spot for a day trip since it is easily reached from Lecco by cable car and offers easy routes suitable for everyone. Children can experience the atmosphere of the mountain environment and discover all its secrets in a simple and engaging way along the Sentiero Natura, an educational trail enriched with descriptive panels and completely free of charge. In summer, try the Adventure Park, where older children can have fun learning to climb trees in total safety, with the assistance of qualified instructors and with all the necessary equipment provided on site. Younger ones can feel like Tarzan for a day, swinging along with the Tyrolienne, which consists of two suspended ropes and a pulley. 

Discovering animals, stars and ‘lake monsters’ at Palazzo Belgiojoso
Palazzo Belgiojoso houses a series of interesting museums, including the Natural History Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the History Museum and the Civic Planetarium, opened in 2004. Follow the ‘Please touch me!’ sensory path to experience interactive installations for an inclusive experience that is fun for everyone! 

Discover the local wildlife at the Natural History Museum: the display cases in the rooms dedicated to fauna and mineralogy are full of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects in a stunning display of the local biodiversity. But the real highlight can be found in the room dedicated to the palaeontology of Lecco. Just like Loch Ness in Scotland, Lake Como also had its ‘monster’. The fossil of the Lariosaurus is preserved here, the ancestor of the great dinosaurs that lived around 240 million years ago and of which the ferocious Plesiosaur was probably a descendent. 

The Lecco Planetarium, run in collaboration with the Gruppo Astrofili “DEEP SPACE Lecco”, offers projections reproducing the night sky in a fun experience for children, who can learn about celestial bodies and discover the infinite wonder of the universe. 

A nature walk on Piana di San Tomaso
Piana di San Tomaso in Valmadrera is a true paradise for families who want to spend a day in the midst of nature. This panoramic terrace, at an altitude of 580 metres with a spectacular view of the lake and the city of Lecco, can be reached by a pleasant and not too demanding walk. At the end of the path, there is a large meadow that is perfect for a picnic, where you can relax and where there is plenty of space for the children to play. 

San Tomaso is a perfect for a trip in all seasons but it is truly magical in the spring, when the almond trees begin to blossom.

A bicycle trip around the lake, river and city
Take the whole family on a bicycle trip to discover Lecco. A fun, sporty day awaits with different options depending on age and fitness levels.

Head north from the city centre along the Lecco lakefront to the Orsa Maggiore beach, a simple, flat route with wonderful views of Lake Como. Another easy cycling path suitable for all is the ‘Anello dei laghi’, a route around the lakes of Garlate and Olginate that skirts the beautiful mountains and passes through various places of cultural interest along the way. Boat tour on Lake Como
Exploring Lake Como from aboard a boat is an exciting experience for everyone, especially children! Board a ferry or a fast hydrofoil and allow yourself to be carried over the waters to your chosen destination. The different types of boats offer different viewpoints for admiring the surrounding mountains, picturesque shores and fascinating historic villas. With the Navigazione dei Laghi boats you can choose which villages to visit, such as Varenna, Mandello del Lario or Bellagio, a fun way for children to discover the lake and a novel form of transport for parents! A boat trip on Lake Como always creates unforgettable moments.

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