The trail called “La Direttissima” begins at Rifugio Carlo Porta and continues through the woods to Colle Valsecchi, offering hikers a choice between Rifugio Rosalba and the summit of Grignetta. 

Starting from Rifugio Porta in Piani Resinelli, the path passes through a dense forest. At the crossroads, take path No. 8, known as La Direttissima, which crosses the southern slope of Grignetta from east to west. This route, partly equipped with chains and metal ladders, leads to Canalone Caimi. Approaching the river, the path becomes more difficult as the altitude increases. From Canalone Caimi, continue along the main path enveloped by the famous pinnacles and pass through Canalino Pagani, where there are ladders and chains. An impressive view opens of the pinnacles and towers of Grignetta, beloved not just by local mountaineers. 

After some ascending and descending, a crossroads is reached with a sign for Colle Valsecchi, where there is a choice between a refreshing stop at Rifugio Rosalba or the exciting challenge of reaching the Grignetta summit. 


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Departure: Rifugio Carlo Porta, Piani Resinelli.

Arrival: Colle Valsecchi

Altitude: 1890 Colle Valsecchi; 1730m Rifugio Rosalba

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