Laorca lies on the steep coast that runs from the rocks of Monte San Martino, in the Grigne group, to the deep valley where the river Gerenzone flows. The latter, with its constant flow of water, is the spine of the district, to the extent of having literally shaped its identity: over the centuries, a dense network of workshops, spinning mills and forges were installed on the banks of the Gerenzone and, in time, characterised the Laorca landscape. Still today, many factory buildings can be seen when crossing the district, tangible evidence of Lecco’s primacy in the industrial field

A particularly prestigious site overlooks the district from on high: the spectacular landscape of the historic cemetery. Highly evocative caves and limestone ravines filled with stalactites created a natural amphitheatre in which a series of chapels – stations of the Cross that culminate in front of the Church of San Giovanni Battista “Ai Morti” – crown the cemetery. The jewel in this natural crown is the famous cave, also dedicated to St John the Baptist, which is believed to have inspired Leonardo da Vinci when painting the backdrop for the Virgin of the Rocks

Quarters: Pomedo, Prato la Valle, Guggiarolo, Campovai and “Svizzera”.
Inhabitants’ nickname: “Gos”, from “gozzo”, meaning people who stuff themselves with food and drink. “Crapun”, from the translation of literally baptising newborns as “Craponi di Laorca”, placing the head on a column; the latter still stands today in front of the Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo. 

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